OpenEdge Check

Process check transactions through Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Check 21 (image capture).
  • Integration level: Light (small development effort)
  • Processing options: check-present and check-not-present
  • Supports: recurring payments and tokenization
  • Remote Deposit Capture: eliminate bank trips and manual processing; capture and bank-transfer checks digitally.
  • Verification (optional feature): this service automatically vets and rejects checks with a known history of fraud, and validates the routing number.
OpenEdge Check Pie Charts
OE Gift Pie Chart

OpenEdge Gift

The OpenEdge Gift platform offers card-based loyalty programs with secure, real-time transaction processing. The solution scales from single to multi-location settings, and features full reporting. Premium, branded card production is included, as well as in-store displays and merchandising. OpenEdge Gift is native with some integration models, and a light integration is necessary with others. Your OpenEdge representative can offer details.

Decline Minimizer

Decline Minimizer keeps operations humming, automatically updating expired and outdated card information daily. Merchants won’t wait days for updated information, and customer security won’t be at risk, sending card data files and compiling lists of updated cards. Decline Minimizer works in your POS software, behind the scenes. The updating process is automatic, as are the benefits to businesses – fewer card declines and more approvals.
OE Offline Processing

Offline Processing

There are few things more frustrating (for both merchant and consumer) than not being able to process credit card payments due to a network outage. Offline processing from OpenEdge ensures your customers continue accepting payments, even when the network goes down. Offline processing engages automatically as soon as it detects a network failure. Transactions are stored securely, then submitted once the system comes back on line. This occurs behind the scenes with no effort on the part of the merchant. Full reporting is available for reconciliations and management, and there is no cost for the service.