Hardware Options

OpenEdge offers device purchase and rental options for your business.


Care Support Ratings

OpenEdge Care

While many claim top-notch support, the depth of knowledge rarely runs deep. In contrast, OpenEdge Care is staffed by experienced professionals who offer valuable services for businesses.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support by phone, email and online
  • Software, hardware and payment account assistance
  • Dedicated specialists who understand your software application

Offline Processing

There are few things more frustrating (for both merchant and consumer) than not being able to process credit card payments due to a network outage. Offline processing from OpenEdge ensures your customers continue accepting payments, even when the network goes down. Offline processing engages automatically as soon as it detects a network failure. Transactions are stored securely, then submitted once the system comes back on line. This occurs behind the scenes with no effort on the part of the merchant. Full reporting is available for reconciliations and management, and there is no cost for the service.

OpenEdge View

Using the OpenEdge View web portal, businesses manage credit card transactions and check acceptance with ease and security. The service is free to OpenEdge customers.

  • Manage Payments. OpenEdge View is your central online hub for payments. Manage payments, oversee processing and access helpful reporting tools.
  • Get the Latest. OpenEdge View includes access to the latest payment topics, useful information and system status details.
  • OpenEdge Reporting. Everything you need for simple, intuitive payment reporting is on OpenEdge View. Conduct quick searches, batch reporting and detailed transaction reporting.
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PCI Assure Security

OpenEdge offers this program to help merchants simplify PCI compliance. PCI ASSURE includes online access to security self assessments, scheduled network scans and custom security profiles generated from the business’ processing activity.