OpenEdge Mobile Integration

OpenEdge offers our proprietary method for seamless integration of mobile payments for Android and iOS. It features point-to-point encryption and signature capture capabilities, and supports credit transactions.

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OpenEdge Mobile

OpenEdge Mobile represents a flexible, lightweight integration to your application.
  • We Handle Processing. OpenEdge Mobile handles all payment processing. All features are integrated to one convenient library.
  • We Do the Work. OpenEdge handles multiple secure devices and the gateway communications. You just integrate our SDK into your own mobile application.
  • Security. Data is stored on the Edge gateway (never locally) with end-to-end encryption. OpenEdge Mobile features strong user authentication.

The Growth Of Mobile Payments

Growth of Mobile Payments

Payment Features

Security Features

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Apple Pay

With more than a million credit cards registered for use with Apple Pay in its first three days of availability, the service is transforming mobile payments. The easy, secure and private way to pay with iPhone® 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the service lets Apple® devices communicate with point-of-sale systems wirelessly though an NFC antenna. A dedicated chip - the Secure Element - offers the security and convenience of Touch ID™ for payments within mobile apps. OpenEdge has added Apple Pay to its software development kit, allowing developers the ability to embed the payment service into their offerings.

Android Pay

Analysts predict that by 2018, two out of three new phones will be equipped with NFC. The majority of those will be Android devices, as – presently – 85% of phones shipped run the Android operating system. Google’s mobile payment software, Android Pay, already works in more than 700,000 store locations and will be integrated into 1,000 apps. It’s supported by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and major banks. There’s no denying it – Android Pay will be soon be ubiquitous wherever consumers use smart devices and NFC to pay for goods and services. Highly secure, the Android OS uses Host Pay emulation, in which sensitive data is encrypted, tokenized and stored in the Cloud. Offering Android Pay is a strong value-add for your solution, allowing merchants to accept in-store, in-app and online purchases.
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