EdgeShield™ Security Solutions

OpenEdge maintains that the most effective method for keeping cardholder data safe is a multi-pronged approach, combining EMV, encryption and tokenization.

EdgeShield™ is the OpenEdge answer – an advanced security services bundle intended to protect credit card data, prevent counterfeit fraud, and enhance payments security. Through a unique collection of complementary security solutions, EdgeShield delivers one of the industry’s most secure payments platforms while preparing developers and merchants for EMV. When integrated into systems that accept payments, the bundle protects credit card data while at rest and in transit.

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EdgeShield Components

The Openedge EMV Solution

This fraud-reduction technology protects card issuers, merchants and consumers from losses due to the use of counterfeit and stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. EMV smart cards are embedded with a chip that interacts with a merchant’s point-of-sale device, ensuring the card is authentic and belongs to the user. This chip technology is virtually impossible to duplicate. The technology helps insulate developers from complex device driving and card brand certifications.

E2E Encryption

OpenEdge’s proprietary encryption is designed to render cardholder data unreadable, encrypted at the device. Merchants are unable to view card numbers after the swipe, dip or hand-key.

Token Vault

Cardholder data is replaced by digital “tokens” based on this technology. Sensitive data is stored in the secure OpenEdge vault rather than in the merchant environment.

PA-DSS 3.0 Out-of-Scope

Payment applications are rendered out-of-scope with EdgeShield, eliminating cumbersome PCI validation requirements.

EdgeShield includes the PCI ASSURE program to help merchants simplify PCI compliance with online access to self-assessment questionnaires, network scans, a breach reimbursement program, and custom security profiles generated from the business’ processing activity

OpenEdge Solutions For QIR™

The latest requirements from the PCI Security Standards Council state that small businesses must have their payment applications and terminals installed by Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIRs). These security professionals are trained and certified to install and maintain PA-DSS validated payment applications. OpenEdge will help you navigate the QIR™ requirements, whether you need access to certified installers or plan to get your staff certified.

OpenEdge: QIR Certified

The security experts at OpenEdge have achieved QIR certification and can ensure your small business merchants are using payment applications installed and serviced in accordance with PCI standards.

Get Certified: QIR ASSIST
For developers who wish to pursue QIR certification, OpenEdge offers QIR ASSIST, a support program to get your staff certified and ensure you have access to payments security best practices. QIR ASSIST includes:

  • Consultation with PCI security experts
  • Education on topics such as: secure remote access, malware prevention, encryption and tokenization
  • QIR exam preparation
  • Post-certification marketing assistance to promote your new status as a Qualified Integrator and Reseller

The State Of Card Data Security

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Merchant Breach Example

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