Your OpenEdge partnership includes a range of support services to help the integrated payments solution succeed and gain traction in your customer base. The payments technology solutions we offer, integrated into your solution, can help you compete more effectively, but that’s not quite enough. The services that come with your OpenEdge partnership will help maximize the value-added payments features in your software and maintain momentum among those using your solutions to accept payments.
Our Strategic Partner Managers, when assigned to your account, will be your main contact at OpenEdge. Whether coordinating developer services, arranging marketing campaigns or discussing initiatives to help your payment solution grow, your Partner Manager will be your advocate within OpenEdge.
There’s a team of technicians and development professionals at OpenEdge ready to ensure payments functionality works flawlessly within your application. We’ll work with your team, providing:
  • Planning and design
  • Project management
  • Confidential Developer Portal access
  • Code Samples and APIs
  • Testing and certification
  • Deployment
Payments technology integrations are complex and high-touch. OpenEdge Technical Support, a team of professionals trained in the details of your solution, is available for development and payment processing consult.
Taking your payments application to market is one thing. Ensuring it gets used by your customer base is another. You’ll have access to the OpenEdge Partner Marketing group which, with your Strategic Partnership Manager, can develop marketing campaigns focused on adoption of your payment solution. Key services include:
  • Marketing plan development
  • Trade show and event support
  • Digital and print sales assets
  • Video production
  • Public relations and media
  • Direct marketing
  • Training for your sales team
Arguably one of the most relevant issues in the payments industry, security is a priority concern for any developer processing digital transactions. OpenEdge offers the EdgeShield bundle of security solutions including EMV, QIR, PA-DSS 3.0 and PCI resources. This redundant set of security services will render transactions moving past your application safe while at rest and in transit.

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