Practice Management Specialties

OpenEdge Practice Management Solutions offer payment-related software solutions for several specialties in the medical and dental fields.

Payment Technology & Services for the Unique Needs of Your
Practice Management Customers

Your practice management solutions guarantee that specialists can run their businesses while delivering care to their patients.The payments technology embedded in that software should make payments seamless and convenient. Payment integrations from OpenEdge simply become part of your software interface, adding functionality and maintaining your usability.

OpenEdge Practice Management Solutions offer an array of payments-related products and services to meet the demands of your customers. Security, mobile payments and practice-specific services are all part of an integration that will build your customer base and keep practices using your product.

Payments for How Practices do Business

Patients have never before had so many choices for how to pay. OpenEdge offers:


Credit, Debit & ACH acceptance


Let patients pay how they prefer – with cards or electronic check.


Apple Pay & Android Pay

Allow patients to pay with the latest mobile NFC-enabled technologies.


Online Portal Payments


Move your patient portal beyond viewing accounts and permit patients to pay online.



Send invoices via email or text, with links for easy payments.

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Practice Management Payments in 3 minutes