Accept These Payment Methods with OpenEdge

The payments functionality within your business management software is comprehensive and full-featured. Payment methods currently accepted include:

  • Credit and Debit cards (including EMV PIN Debit and EMV contactless)
  • Online Payments
  • Mobile Payments (including Android, iOS, browser-based)
  • EBT, FSA and EFT Payments
  • Checks
  • Gift Cards
  • Unattended Payment Processing

OpenEdge Mobile

Mobile processing solutions offered through OpenEdge are flexible and secure, utilizing advanced security features such as end-to-end data encryption and tokenization. OpenEdge Mobile accommodates several leading mobile processing hardware devices offered by Ingenico and Anywhere Commerce. for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

Mobile apps are readily available to easily access transactions and reporting, offer customized tip functionality as well as providing signature capture and email receipt capabilities.

Mobile Solutions

Decline Minimizer

OpenEdge’s Decline Minimizer is a solution that is unique among all other card updater services offered today. Using our totally automated service, you’ll receive updated expired and outdated card information daily, allowing you to collect substantial additional revenues by avoiding lost or delayed payments.

Decline Minimizer updates credit card information automatically and greatly decreases card declines without adding labor-intensive customer contact attempts to your staff’s to-do list. You’ll even receive a notification if customer contact does become necessary, such as in cases of a cancelled or closed account.

Recurring Payments Solutions

OpenEdge View

Providing an optimized user experience, OpenEdge View is a secure, online transaction and reporting portal available to all OpenEdge customers. OpenEdge View offers a variety of features including access to a powerful suite of business applications such as a Virtual Terminal, centralized and comprehensive Activity Reporting and Transactions and Batch management. You’ll also get access to OpenEdge announcements, processing system status, compliance resources and information and much more.

You can access OpenEdge View from anywhere at any time – there is no software to install and you have the flexibility to customize and run reports across all your locations.

OpenEdge Check

OpenEdge Check provides a secure and easy solution that offers check acceptance for those of your customers who are accustomed to paying from checking accounts. Accepting checks can result in a savings of 75% or more in fees vs. credit card processing. Processing checks through OpenEdge Check is safe – all check transactions are processed through our secure processing network and OpenEdge Check supports tokenization for added security.

With OpenEdge Check, funds are processed electronically, and you’ll have online access to your check transaction history as well as other reporting features. You can process check-present transactions for in-person and drop box check payment scenarios, as well as check-not-present transactions for online sales, mail orders or telephone orders. OpenEdge Check also supports recurring payments drawn from the customer’s checking account. Whether you accept electronic checks online, by phone, or in person, OpenEdge Check provides a full-featured check acceptance solution with the added convenience of centralized Customer Care for both your credit card and check processing.

One of our merchants had this to say...


“I very much appreciate your company’s willingness to work with me to avoid further challenges. The individual people I have worked with at Open Edge have all been very helpful and enthusiastic…”

— Medical Practice in North Carolina