OpenEdge Mobile Integration

OpenEdge offers our proprietary method for seamless integration of mobile payments for Android and iOS. It features point-to-point encryption and signature capture capabilities, and supports credit transactions.

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OpenEdge Mobile

OpenEdge Mobile represents a flexible, lightweight integration to your application.
  • We Handle Processing. OpenEdge Mobile handles all payment processing. All features are integrated to one convenient library.
  • We Do the Work. OpenEdge handles multiple secure devices and the gateway communications. You just integrate our SDK into your own mobile application.
  • Security. Data is stored on the Edge gateway (never locally) with end-to-end encryption. OpenEdge Mobile features strong user authentication.

The Growth Of Mobile Payments

Growth of Mobile Payments

Payment Features

Payments Features

Security Features

Security features include EMV, Tokenization, End-2-End Encryption, and No Local Cardholder Data Storage

Supported Mobile Payment Platforms

Apple Pay   

Mobile as the Point of Sale

Mobile as the point of sale utilizes the OpenEdge Mobile solution for merchants to accept payments for EMV or swiped credit card transactions. The OpenEdge hardware device that supports this capability is the Walker BT from Anywhere Commerce.


Mobile at the Point of Sale

Mobile at the point of sale allows consumers to use their phones for payment. The OpenEdge hardware devices that support this capability include the Ingenico iPP320, iSC Touch 250 and iSC Touch 480.

EMV Processing Device



Non EMV Processing Devices

ID Tech Shuttle
MagTek BulleT

ID TECH Shuttle

MagTek BulleT
Android only

MagTek iDynamo
MagTek uDynamo

MagTek iDynamo
iOS only

MagTek uDynamo