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Among the simplest payment integration methods on the market utilizing a common API, EdgeExpress provides reduced development cycles. This results in faster delivery of software solutions to merchants, with the flexibility to conform to various software environments. Developers also retain control over the payment work flow and user experience.

Payment Options

  • EMV and NFC Contactless Payment Support
  • EMV PIN Debit
  • Recurring Payment Support
  • Encryption, Tokenization and Decline Minimizer
  • Signature Capture
  • Partial Approval Support
  • FSA/IIAS, Canadian PIN Debit (Interac), EBT and ACH
  • Customized Device Prompt Support such as Disclosures, Confirmations, etc.

Security Features

  • PA-DSS out of scope
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Tokenization
  • EMV

Small Footprint

  • Merchant installations are quick and painless,
    ~15 minutes
  • Efficient installations with bundling payment functionality and developer software
  • Low maintenance with auto-updates in the
    merchant environment

How it Works

There are fewer steps required in the EdgeExpress workflow

  • Other integration methods require more back and forth communications. Those can include the monitoring of an embedded browser or other tool to know when a payment has completed. Then a query can be sent, wait for a response, send another query, etc.
  • With EdgeExpress you have one request with transaction data that maintains an open channel of communication to receive all the response data needed in one fluid communication, eliminating the back and forth communications

EdgeExpress Workflow

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Just How Easy is it to Integrate to EdgeExpress?

Integrations are quick and streamlined, completed in as little as 48 hours. OpenEdge also provides a mapping tool for easily switching an existing integration.

What’s the big deal about a common API?

It provides a singular message format. In developing to different components, a common API speeds up time to market and requires less resources since developers do not have to implement new work flows. Switching between components is seamless and the coding feels very intuitive and consistent.

EdgeExpress Cloud

Ideal for developers providing SaaS or cloud-based software with Merchants operating in a Windows environment

  • Supports multi-merchant scenarios
  • Enables partial approval and signature capture
  • Ability to capture non-financial loyalty data
  • Hardware options:
Ingenico® iPP320 Ingenico iSC Touch 250


iSC Touch 250

Ingenico iCMP Ingenico iSC Touch 480


iSC Touch 480

EdgeExpress PC

Ideal for developers offering deployed software with Merchants operating in a Windows environment

  • Supports multi-merchant scenarios
  • Enables partial approval and signature capture
  • Fits terminal services environments
  • Ability to capture non-financial loyalty data
  • Hardware options: Same as EdgeExpress Cloud

EdgeExpress Mobile

Ideal for developers who offer either native iOS/Android mobile apps or web-optimized mobile apps that are accessed through the browser

  • Enables mobile EMV transactions
  • Supports iOS and Android native applications
  • Non-integrated OpenEdge Mobile app available for download on Apple Store or Google Play
  • Supports web-optimized mobile apps
  • Hardware options: Walker Bluetooth*

EdgeExpress Mobile: Supporting both Native Apps and Web Apps

*Currently available in the US only. Does not include FSA/IIAS, PIN Debit, EBT or ACH

For eCommerce integrations, those will continue to be served by our OpenEdge HostPay integration method. To learn more visit: https://www.openedgepayment.com/en/solutions/hosted-payments