Global Payments' Integrated Solutions Division, OpenEdge, Secures Partnership with New West Technologies for Integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), one of the largest worldwide providers of payment
solutions, is pleased to announce an agreement between its integrated solutions division, OpenEdge, and New West
Technologies to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with payment processing for multi-location retail operations.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, New West has positioned itself to offer an omni-channel solution to its retail customers. The
integration provides solutions for point-of-sale, operations, merchandising, marketing, Ecommerce, supply chain and financials.
OpenEdge is seamless within New West's offering, and includes the EdgeShield security services bundle designed to protect
credit card data, prevent counterfeit fraud and enhance payment processing security. Through a unique collection of
complementary security solutions, EdgeShield is designed to deliver one of the industry's leading payments platforms while
preparing point-of sale developers and merchants for upcoming EMV mandates. When integrated into systems that accept
payments, EdgeShield seeks to protect credit card data while at rest and in transit.

OpenEdge President, Sid Singh, added, "We're pleased that New West and our other partners are experiencing the benefits of
integrations with EdgeShield, a pre-certified, EMV compliant solution combined with point-to-point encryption and tokenization

New West Technologies President, Dan King, stated, "Applications to run retail operations and payments have clearly reached
a tipping point where multiple points of interaction are absolutely necessary. Businesses are demanding the ability to run their
stores and accept payments no matter the channel, media or platform. This integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, with
payments technology from OpenEdge, allows this flexibility and functionality."

About New West Technologies
Founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon, New West Technologies is a leading integrator of retail point-of-sale software solutions.
As a full-service technology provider with extensive experience in business computer networking and retail software
development and installation, New West delivers comprehensive, practical solutions that dramatically improve profitability and
workflow management. More information available at

About OpenEdge
OpenEdge helps software developers and businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions. As
the integrated payments division of Global Payments, OpenEdge is driving innovation - adapting, scaling and simplifying how
payments are processed, across platforms and points-of-interaction, in an increasingly complex landscape. OpenEdge serves
more than 2,000 technology partners across 60 industry verticals throughout the United States and Canada.

About Global Payments
Global Payments Inc. is a leading provider of payment processing services for merchants, value added resellers, financial
institutions, government agencies, multi-national corporations and independent sales organizations located throughout North
America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Global Payments, a Fortune 1000 company, offers a
comprehensive line of solutions and services for credit and debit cards, business-to-business purchasing cards, gift cards,
electronic check conversion and check guarantee, verification and recovery including electronic check services, as well as
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